■ Sex Tips For Lasting Long in Bed

Here's a great sex tip for lasting longer in the sack:

1. If we perform masturbation beforehand and just got that part out of the way, then our nerves will be a little more at ease, and the tension won't be raised as high.

2. Our body also benefits from masturbation beforehand Since it has already happened our body responds by not getting as excited the next time. That is, the next time (which in our case would be "the time") our body will make us work harder and longer to create that same ejaculatory feeling. We will not get as over excited.

3. You want to masturbate preferably within an hour of when you believe sex is going to take place. Too soon and you won't be able to perform at all, and too late then the window closes and you become "too fresh" again.

4. Ideally you want to discover your own specific window. Practice some days prior and monitor when your excitement kicks back in. Some guys can perform this lasting longer sex tip before the date even starts and perform awesome and long hours later, while other guys need to excuse themselves and find a bathroom stall within that hour. So it's best to find your own window. And when you do you'll have major confidence in knowing that you'll be able to please your partner, and not be taken by premature ejaculation.

This lasting longer in bed sex tip is an easy, workable way to get around premature ejaculation worries. You can use it whenever you want for the most part.

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